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Vegetables and Peppers


The people from the province of León know how to appreciate and bring garden produce to the table. Therefore, travelers should try deli products such as the Quality Trademark “Sahagún leeks” (El Puerro de Sahagún). Its aroma is fruity and onion-like, and it is also tender, crunchy and easy to chew. This wonder can be eaten fresh, tinned or in a creamy state (in each case, different culinary formulas will be applied).

Another hallmark of the León cuisine can be found around the middle meadows of the Esla River (La vega media del Esla), the tomato from the town of Mansilla de las Mulas. It was in the 1930’s and 40’s that this product entered the trading market, and this brought about its expansion around the township.



It is worth remarking the Pimiento Morrón from Fresno de la Vega, an extraordinary element from an orchard that natives from the area care meticulously.

It can be found roasted or fried, green or red.


Did you know?

Leeks in Sahagún


El cultivo del puerro en Sahagún se remonta a las primeras comunidades benedictinas en esta villa leonesa. Los monjes encontraron en el puerro un alimento que podía resistir las ingratas temperaturas del invierno.

The peppers from El Bierzo

Pimientos del Bierzo

Besides the multiple recipes that can be found with them, the roast peppers from El Bierzo are the perfect side for numerous meat and fish dishes. Furthermore, their delicious flavor allows them to be eaten with a simple dressing.