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Portraits of León


Retratos de León

León through history, art, geography, and the province’s flora and fauna.

A province shaped by time’s crucible

León, a crossroads, owes its outstanding heritage to the succession of peoples that lived in these lands: Astures (a Celtic tribe), Romans, Sueves, Visigoths, Arabs, Christian kingdoms… They all contributed to the creation of a history whose traces are visible in the character of current Leonese people, as well as in the monuments that enhance the province.

A trip through art and landmarks

Each corner in León encourages visitors to travel through time. In this journey, we will find out the artistic and cultural heritage that history has given to León: from the first settlers to the most avant-garde expressions in the 21st century.

The land of the ever-changing landscape

The province of León is one of the largest in Spain. With a bird’s eye view, its vast territory shows remarkable contrasts: the Northern mountains and the Southern plains, El Bierzo (the Western region) and its fertile soil, the rough lands of La Maragatería… Its rivers, with their dissimilar trajectories, shape up different areas of diverse landscapes. The variety of reliefs, plants and animals affect the life of León’s habitants, as well as their work, festivities, architecture, customs and traditions.

Sons of nature

The landscape diversity of León has led to the existence of multiple habitats that are just as different as they are original, particular, and even unique. In each of these ecosystems there are highly valuable animal and plant species. From the almost untouched territories where native species still survive, to the harvested lands; Leonese nature offers in every inch a different experience.